an Improvisational poem

Life in the Fast Lane
Rally round the FCC!
You’ll love our packets
one or three.
With us, you’ll know
no suffering,
With them, you’ll just
be buffering!
Watch those vids, now
stay up late!
And by the way . . .
we’ve raised your rate.


© Linda Manning, 2014

*FCC – Federal Communications Commission

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Still with MeStill with Me by Thierry Cohen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At two hundred eighty-seven pages, Thierry Cohen’s Still with Me is a fast and suspenseful read that I’d initially chosen for its brevity and otherworldly content. What I didn’t expect was a deep philosophical experience—with so widely a religious/human issue as suicide—written in such clear language. (Read more . . .)




    an Improvisational poem

Letter from a Universe
Fingers through his landscape,
light fur curves his breast,
tickles my nose;
but I am at rest
in his protective hollow.
Breathe the fog of him,
mingle my own with him.
Legs, arms, thoughts—
My words, he finishes;
his worries spiral
question marks into my hair.
Fingers together
relax those tresses.
Our space encapsulates
vibratos in sympathy,
engraving our names
together in time,
folded into envelopes,
kissed, then signed—
witness this braille of skin.


© Linda Manning, 2014


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Poem: Fleeting

Depleted clouds tear away,
copper fingers needling,
peeling back the cover.
Clarity is blinding
in the face of white,
even while disintegrating.
Ghosts join in chorus lines,
shadows for the mocking,
climbing through my page.
Look directly, try to
catch them in the middle
of accusing
      and they flee—
Only flecks of Lenten ashes
flock together in my vision,
silent trampling of snow.
This sleepy world is ending,
indecision stops pretending,
and the cover of night
melts away—
It slowly melts away.


© Linda Manning, 2014




The GoldfinchThe Goldfinch

The Goldfinch, written by Donna Tartt, is a contemporary coming-of-age story that opens in New York City. As a result of extreme circumstance, Theo Decker, a fifteen-year-old boy, finds himself in possession of a seventeenth century Dutch masterwork (read more . . .)




New Novel by Gay Degani

Check out this serialized novel by one of my favorite contemporary authors. I am completely hooked! I just finished Chapter Three and will be back tomorrow for the next installment. Come read with me!

Degani Novel



Taking a short break from blogging. Meanwhile, please enjoy a little Christmas music~

Advent began, this year, on Sunday, December 1.

The Choir of Clare College – O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
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Megan Smith


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